Surgeon’s caution after increase in cases of gullet cancer (From This Is Cheshire)

by Symptom Advice on March 29, 2012

Surgeon’s caution after increase in cases of gullet cancer

4:00pm Sunday 25th March 2012 in News

DOCTORS are urging people not to ignore the first symptoms of gullet cancer after an increase in cases.

Dr Martin Brett, from Warrington Hospital, is supporting the national ‘be clear on cancer’ campaign and said while stomach cancer is becoming a little less frequent, the number of cases of gullet cancer are rising.

the consultant general and gastrointestinal surgeon added: “The main symptoms include people feeling like food is sticking in their chests when they swallow, persistent pain in the upper part of their stomach, tiredness, losing their appetite, losing weight and vomiting.

“If the symptoms are there for four weeks our advice is to go see your GP. we can then use cameras to investigate if there is a problem and whether it has spread to other tissue.”

it is thought an increase in the number of gullet cancer cases could partly be down to acid reflux, which increases after a patient puts on weight.

Mr Brett, who has a special interest in oesophago-gastric cancer, added that the majority of cases are curable but it is important for doctors to catch it as early as possible.

Margaret Marks, clinical nurse at the hospital for 29 years, added: “Some people just put the symptoms down to old age and the perception of some elderly people appears to be that they can’t be treated but that’s not the case.”

great Sankey resident Jock McGire, aged 81, is living proof of that after he had to have part of his stomach removed in February 2010 when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

He is now recovering well and praised hospital staff for their care.

Jock said: “I was being sick so I went to the doctor – thanks to them there’s a few more years left in me.

“I try to eat soft things now like mashed potato and eat little and often. I do get a pain if I overdo it but overall I feel great.”

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