Allergy Armor Bedding Featured on Recent Episode of “The Doctors”

by Symptom Advice on December 6, 2011

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 03, 2011

On November 24th, the Emmy Award-winning show “The Doctors” featured Allergy Armor products by as part of their episode “Air: Are you Breathing yourself Sick”.

First airing in 2008,”The Doctors” has been touted as a groundbreaking show that addresses important health issues and provides relevant information about pressing health concerns. As part of their focus on allergens in the household, they identified Allergy Armor bedding as one of the foremost ways to reduce allergic reactions from dust mites and other bedding related allergens.

Dust mites are an inevitable part of every household, but for millions of Americans who are allergic to their allergens, they are a constant source of irritation. Dust mites consume particles of dead skin, the primary component of dust, and they are found in the highest concentrations in pillows and mattresses where there can be anywhere from 100 to 500 mites in each gram of dust.

Dust mite waste particles and tiny pieces of dead dust mites are light enough to become airborne where they are then inhaled, causing allergic reactions like congestion, coughing, wheezing, and sinus swelling.

The problem for allergy sufferers is that most household insecticides have no effect on dust mites. However, there are ways that individuals can reduce their exposure to dust mites in the home and, according to “The Doctors,” this is where Allergy Armor bedding can help. Allergy Armor bedding has the smallest average pore size in the industry – 2.8 microns – which is so small that dust mite feces, pet dander and other allergens cannot fit through it.

Dr. Travis Stork, in describing Allergy Armor Ultra pillows, “These are pillows covered with an allergen barrier fabric, that are hypoallergenic… and that helps control some of the dust mites, pet dander that can cause these symptoms.” offers five different types of Allergy Armor bedding including: mattress covers, duvet covers, box spring covers, pillows, and blankets. They also have seven different types of bedding fabric that are designed to combine top of the line allergen control with luxurious comfort. According to James Simmons, product manager for, “There is such a variety of Allergy Armor bedding because each allergy sufferer has differing needs.”

There are organic bedding options that provide allergen protection for people with multiple chemical sensitivity; there are unique fabrics that shield again pet dander, moisture, and mold as well as dust mites; and there are also breathable cotton options and some with an antimicrobial finish. that is part of what makes Allergy Armor bedding the most comprehensive choice for allergy protection in the industry.

About AchooAllergy: Founded in 2000, provides an entire range of products to address the control of allergens throughout the household. this includes asthma relief products, air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, steam cleaners, and dehumidifiers, in addition to allergy bedding. Products like the Dyson vacuum and Whirlpool AP510 featured in the episode are also offered.

Allergy Armor Ultra bedding covers, pillows and blankets are all made locally in Atlanta, Georgia. these, and all of the products mentioned, are available in their Atlanta showroom, via the Internet, a product catalog, or a network of over 4,000 referring allergy physicians. for more information, visit or contact a customer service representative at 1-800-339-7123.

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