Can anyone else relate to these symptoms?

by Symptom Advice on September 2, 2011

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone else here can relate to the symptoms I have been experiencing recently. here they are…

* Mild to moderate shortness of breath.
* Frequent itching on arms, stomach, chest and legs
* some loss of libido with delayed ejaculation

I've had the shortness of breath (where you feel like you can't get a "full" breath) off and on for years along with tons of tests and everything always came back normal so it was concluded that it was simply anxiety (which I take Ativan for). For the last few weeks though, it has been pretty bad (especially during excersize). I should also mention that I have a lot of allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc and I also have a lot of animals. I'm pretty sure the breathing problem isn't caused by my heart because I've had numerous recent chest X-rays, a stress test, lots of blood work, etc. I don't think it's anxiety or panic attacks either because I'm not anxious most of the time and because the shortness of breath is present even when I take the Ativan.

The itching is somthing that has started within the last week and I'm not sure what is causing it except that I have been eating a lot of chocolates lately but then again, I have never had this kind of reaction to chocolate in the past.

The loss of libido, delayed ejaculation has been with me for about 3 weeks. I do have a history of prostatitis but I don't currently have it. I am an alcoholic who drank for a year and a half, then quit for a year, then drank for a year and just quit for good 15 days ago. I also stopped smoking and only chew now.

Other than that, I am a male in my 40's, I eat healthy but spend way too much time at the computer and probably don't get nearly as much excersize as I should be getting.

Anyway, can anyone else relate to these symptoms?. I'd really appreciate hearing from you and getting some input.

Thanks so much, Phil

Anxiety, Asthma and Eczema is my guess. You could also be allergic to animals with fur. many people I know are too.

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