Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?

by Symptom Advice on August 20, 2011

so i have been sick for about a month and have been to doctors and they cant figure out what is wrong with me. so maybe someone up here can help. Iam 19 years old, and have never really had any heath problems!

loss of appetite
knees giving out
pain in stomach (one doctor diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer and ovarian cyst)
zoning out
lockjaw that hurts all the way into my ear.
not being able to sleep

i will be good for a few days and then feel like crap, its a tease! the doctors have run test but cant find anything wrong with me. one doctor told me it was all in my head, and i am so frustrated that im starting to think the same thing! please if anyone can help me that would be great!!

maybee you need sex?

i used to feel kinda that way but i also was throwing up all the food i eat,each and every day! i didnt go to any doctors and i kept doing so for like 2 years, i wasnt bulimic neither anorexic. i just ddint know what i had and i had all those symptoms.

about the jawlock ,try going to the denstist to see if you have something cuz my mum had a bad tooth and it didnt hurt her, it just made her weak and also she had terrible jaw pain. she finally went to the dentist and everything cleared up.

keep getting different opinions from doctors.

hope you'll get better :)

Stress and depression can cause all but the lockjaw. even that could be worsened by it.

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