Can you start to go through perimenopause at 36 yrs old and if so what are the symptoms?

by Symptom Advice on March 8, 2011

Of course!

Some women experience perimenopause at 25 years old.

Symptons of Perimenopause:

1. Mood Swings/Very Moody
2. Irregular Or Missed Periods
3. Depression/Anxiety
4. Vaginal Odor
5. Hair Loss
6. Weight Gain/Loss
7. Hot Flashes
8. Food Cravings
9. Adult Acne
10. Insomnia
11. Headaches/Body Aches
12. Severe Cramps
13. Increased/Decreased Sexual Desires
14. Frequent Urination
15. Irrational Behavior

Those are some of the symptons many women experience when they are perimenopausal.

Symptoms are on the link- but I went through for a couple of years and was done by 40. while it was hard at the time- Im so glad to be over it now -
good luck

It is possible. My wife just went though it. she was 48 when it started.

1. Crazy irrational behavior. Get really pissed at the slightest thing. Extreme PMS

2. Hot flashes. Burn up one minute, be normal the next.

3. Increased Libido (she got really really horny, so much that she damn near wore me out! I had to tell her several times I was not 18 anymore!)

4. Irregular periods

If you are, please give your poor husband fair warning that the shìt is fixing to hit the fan!!!!

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