Cedar Fever Arrives in Central Texas

by Symptom Advice on December 23, 2011

Georgetown, TX — (SBWIRE) — 12/21/2011 — Cedar Fever, an allergy to pollen generated by Juniper and other Cedar trees in winter, can be a terrible experience for those afflicted.Ecomajik, a Georgetown, Texas based company says that though the Central Texas area is among the worst in the US for allergy sufferers, people do not need to suffer unnecessarily.Mountain Cedar Fever occurs when your immune system produces the immunoglobulin E antibody in response to the pollen produced by mountain cedar trees. this reddish “dust” can be seen visibly in the air when a breeze or wind blows and dislodges the allergen into the air in clouds of pollen. The result in humans is flu like symptoms that can include itchy, scratchy nose, throat and eyes, coughing, uncontrollable sneezing and overall general discomfort and malaise.”The solution is to control your indoor air environment through technologies that reduce and remove the offending contaminants from the breathing zone, especially when you sleep” noted Carl Braun, Director of Research for Ecomajik. “Air Purifiers that combine ionic exchange in conjunction with HEPA filters provide the best results and can reduce or completely eliminate small and large particle contamination indoors” he added.Ecomajik Green Products carries Vollara Fresh Air Surround air purifiers with exclusive Radiant Catalytic Ionization technology originally designed for NASA for use in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station; considered by many to be the ultimate clean room environment.The bookshelf sized Vollara Air Purifiers are available for the home and office. there is one for the car, similar in size to a radar detector and there is even a personal, portable model about the size of a matchbox that hangs around your neck and keeps contaminants out of your breathing area. The home and office models can protect up to 3,000 square feet with some that can even be installed permanently into your HVAC system. Each of these units also kill all mold, bacteria and viruses like MRSA, H1N1 and CDIF in the air AND on surfaces.Ecomajik has a retail showroom in the Leander Road Plaza in Georgetown and is also available to remove smoke and odor contamination and to conduct laser air particle analysis in homes and offices.ecomajik.com

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