Cheapest Anti Hair Loss Cream Himalaya Online–Natural Herbal Remedies Controls Hair Loss and Dandruff

by Symptom Advice on March 2, 2012

Houston, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/14/2012 — according to Trichologist Hair loss provokes anxiety and distress (more profound than its objective severity would appear to justify), which reflects the symbolic and psychosocial importance of hair. Hair loss is a common disorder that affects men and women of all ages; and about 50% of men and Women suffer from hair loss by the age of 40. Andro-genetic alopecia and diffuse hair loss (Telogen effluvium) are the common causes, while alopecia areata (patchy balding) affects1.7% of the population. “Telogen effluvium” develops over a period of several months, is usually, not a permanent form of hair loss, and eventually, the hair follicles can recover. The potential causes of Telogen effluvium include malnutrition and crash dieting, pregnancy and childbirth, UV radiation exposure, drugs, endocrine disorders, extreme physical and emotional stress, and severe systemic illness. Topical application of biological response modifiers, and anti-androgens are currently available therapies for the management of Telogen effluvium (in women, HRT can also be used); however, the low success rate and associated adverse effects limit their clinical use.“Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya” is said to an effective natural herbal remedy for Hair loss, stated by Experts. Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya is a polyherbal formulation recommended for the management and Stimulating Hair Growth, Preventing Hair Loss, Increase Hair Follicle Density and is treat Alopecia Areata & Telogen effluvium, and contains the extracts of the flowers of Butea frondosa and the stem bark of Butea parviflora.A clinical Study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of and safety of Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya. A total of 100 patients both men and women, in the age group of 18-50 years, who were suffering from mild to moderate Hair loss problems, and who were willing to give informed written consent were enrolled in the study. All the patients were advised to apply sufficient quantity of Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya to the affected area of scalp, daily, at night, for a period of 6 months, with gentle massage, and were advised to leave the Hair Loss Cream overnight. Patients were told to restrict themselves to Himalaya Hair Loss Cream as the only treatment for their diffuse hair loss and no other active treatment intervention was allowed.All the patients were followed up every month for a period of 6 months. The results showed a significant reduction in the associated symptoms (itching, irritation and dryness of the scalp) within a week, and by the end of fortnight, all these symptoms disappeared. There was a significant improvement in the tensile strength of hair after one month’s period, and the improvement trend continued till the end of the study period. There was a significant reduction in the mean number of hairs lost after one-minute combing. Also, there was improvement in the hair follicle count in selected shaved scalp areas.these beneficial effects might be due to the synergistic effects of the ingredients of the Himalaya Anti-Hair Loss Cream. therefore, it may be concluded that Himalaya Anti-Hair Loss cream is effective and safe in Hair Loss Treatment.You can buy Cheapest Anti-Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya online, the natural Herbal Hair Loss Treatment cream only at OnlineHerbsOnlineHerbs is an online herbal pharmacy which aims at providing the best quality herbal medicines like natural herbal remedies and natural herbal health supplements for healing various diseases. OnlineHerbs offer the herbal products from very well-known companies, ‘Himalaya Herbals’, ‘Avesta Herbals’, ‘Olay Naturals’, ‘Lotus Herbals’ and ‘Olivia Herbals’.for more details please visit at get a free shipment on cheapest Anti Hair Loss Cream from Himalaya at OnlineHerbs online store.Browse the natural herbal medicine to deal with Hair fall and Dandruff

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