Could it be a form of Lock Jaw?

by Symptom Advice on May 16, 2011

I've searched this site on lock jaw but I'm not sure if that is the answer to my symptoms. Basically, I noticed yesterday that when I went to eat something I opened my mouth and the top of my jaw gave a sharp pain as if my jaw got dislocated. I was able to close it again and did so really quick. but now every time I open my mouth wide (like if I yawn) it really hurts at the top of my jaw, almost near my ear. I thought it might be an ear infection at first but the pain is definitely in the top of my jaw or at least the bone in front of my ear. I have a doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully will find out more then but to be honest I can't wait that long so if anyone has any clues I'd love to hear them. I hear lockjaw is something to do with getting a cut. I remember about a couple of months ago I stepped on a nail and it went right through my shoe but it didn't pierce my skin or at least I didn't think it did.
Pls help if you can.

The incubation period is around 8-10 days. It starts out with jaw rigidity, followed by difficulty swallowing, stiffness in the neck, and rigidity of pectoral and calf muscles eventually leading to full body spasms. You also get fever, sweating, elevated blood pressure and heart rate. my mother is a doctor and has been for 35 years and she's never even seen a documented case of tetanus. You could have done something to your jaw but it's not tetanus. Especially if you have been vaccinated in the last ten years.

Try looking under Tetanus (lock jaw)

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