Do these symptoms mean I could have cancer?

by Symptom Advice on February 21, 2011

Well Ive been searching and I seem to have symptoms of cancer but they just dont link up.
I have;

Unexplained weight loss
Weak bowels
painful, stiff joints
really bad irregular nosebleeds,
a weird bump behind my ear (not bone)
shakey legs for no reason
weak arms
+ I always feel tired.

I have this other disorder called CIDP but the symptoms are not linked, I havent told anyone because im worried. could it be cancer? :s

im 14, by the way.

Could be, but it could also be if you aren't eating properly. the weight loss, weak bowels, joint pain, weak, shaky and tired are all signs of not eating properly. do you eat alot of junk food? do you skip meals?

Those are very vauge, broad symptoms.

If you are really concerned, go see your doc and they can do a few blood tests. At your age there are only a handful of cancers you would even get, and some can be detected by blood tests.

I doubt it, but you could have leukemia. Talk to your parents and doctor.

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