Doctor Oz 2/16/2012: Recognizing The Signs Of Cancer

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Oz Testing for Cancer

Today on Doctor Oz, we find out the warning signs of cancer and how to recognize them along with Oz approved supplements to prevent cancer. as the show opens, Oz says there are four signs we need to be able to spot that could warn us we have cancer. first, a patient says she had back pain, loss of appetite, and diarrhea and she found out she had pancreatic cancer. Oz says that greasy stools, yellowing in the white part of our eyes are symptoms we should notice and see a doctor if they persist. next, we see a patient that had chest pain, flu symptoms, and exhaustion and she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Oz says to differentiate cancer from a regular flu we should see these symptoms lasting for more than a week. the third patient had a cough, tenderness in her shoulder, and arm pain and she was diagnosed with lung cancer. now to determine if this pain is cancer, we should see if the pain stops with our movement and doesn’t go away. Finally, we see a patient that had bloating, constipation, and bloating and she had colon cancer. Oz says that bloating for over a week, is something you need to see a doctor. he says if you are over 50 you need to have your colon checked.

The next segment is about supplements to fight cancer and Dr. Lindsey Duncan is on the show. he says diet and exercise is the best way to fight cancer. the first supplement is IP-6 and you should take 500mg twice a day and it fights lung and colon cancer. next, Selenium is a super anti oxidant and it gets rid of free radicals that cause cancer. We need 200 micro grams a day. the third supplement is Black Raspberry and you need 300 mg twice a day. This has been proven to fight cancer. Finally, vitamin D-3 fights many different cancers and we need at least 1,000 IU a day. Dr. Duncan says we should all be using vitamin d, black raspberry each day. if we have any history of colon or lung cancer in our family, then we should use the selenium and IP-6.

The third segment has Ashley Koff and she is talking about our metabolism and how to rev it up. first, Cacao nibs or powder is what chocolate is made from and it stimulates your body and will get your metabolism stimulated. you can add the powder to your smoothies. Oolong Tea is next and it prevents triglycerides from forming and it will actually cause you to burn more calories. third, GTF Chromium supplements will cause your cells to burn up the sugar in your body and you need 200 micro grams twice a day. by using the supplement and substituting the tea and cacao for another food you are already eating, you can lose those pounds and get your body burning more calories.

The fourth segment is about the best cures for cellulite. he gives a demonstration on how it is formed in our body. now the first treatment is Aminophylline cream and it gets trid of the water in the fat cells and smooths the skin. second, Retinol cream can be used to strengthen the skin and make cellulite less visible. third, caffeine and Kola nut cream will tighten the skin and smooth over the bumps. These treatments are all temporary and will not be a permanent fix.

Now we get the best ways to fix our stomach problems with Dr. Keri Peterson. for constipation, you should use a saline enema to get instant relief. This works in 1 to 5 minutes. Heart burn is a common problem and Keri says we should use any antacid that has magnesium for the fastest relief. next, gas is something we all suffer from and we should use a product like mylanta gas to break down the gas into small particles that are easy to expel. Finally, for belly cramps we should use a heating pad or hot water bottle applied to the abdomen. This is better than taking a pill.

Oz says we should start our day with a shot of apple cider vinegar in ice water to jump start our metabolism and we can use sea salt, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and sesame oil to make our own cellulite scrub. for more information on any of the topics discussed today, you can go to Oz’s web site by following the link below. Photo and information from: Doctor Oz

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