Doctors? prescription: Know your friendly liver

by Symptom Advice on March 4, 2012

?Liver sustains life and we must understand that taking its care is as important as taking precautions to check diabetes, heart disease and obesity,? said Dr Subba Rao V Kanchustambam, Additional Director and Head, Centre for Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Sciences while speaking at an interactive session on `know your friendly liver? at Fortis Hospital Mohali.

More than 100 senior citizens attended this lecture where Dr Subba Rao explained at length about liver, functions of liver, symptoms of liver diseases and how one can take care of one?s liver.

Deliberating on how prevention is better than cure, Dr Subba said, ?Prevent fatty liver by regular exercise, keep your sugars and cholesterol under control. keep alcohol consumption within limits.

Prevent liver cancer by vaccinating yourself for hepatitis B. keep yourself under doctor follow up if you have any chronic liver disease. Drink boiled water and eat well-cooked food to avoid hepatitis a and E. There is always a possibility of cure if one takes right help at right time.?

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