Fear looms over Pader as one dies of suspected Hepatitis E

by Symptom Advice on May 21, 2012


Residents of Acholi-bur Sub-county in Pader District are living in fear after one person died and two other suspected cases of Hepatitis E were reported in the area.

The deceased, Christine Anek Oloya of Ogago Parish, is said to have died after last week after showing signs and symptoms similar to that of the disease, which left scores dead in Kitgum and Pader districts last year.

Hepatitis E is a condition related to unhygienic environments and its earlier outbreak in the region in 2008 was associated to the unfriendly conditions in IDP camps.its symptoms are mild and last for a couple of weeks. they include fatigue, a sore throat, joint pain and excessive tiredness. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, most commonly caused by a viral infection.

Although not chronic, the disease has no cure and the only action that can be taken is to relieve the symptoms through rehydration. If the patient survives the infection, the virus disappears and the liver recovers.

Although many people have left the IDP camps to return to their homes, many health needs are still unmet as latrine and clean water coverage is still minimal.according to the Sub-county chairperson, mr Charles Okot, his office has launched an awareness campaign for all residents in the Sub-county and nearing areas to observe maximum hygiene in their homes.

“Sanitation in the sub-county has drastically dropped. the community does not seem to care anymore, thus creating room for the disease to re-emerge,” mr Okot said.the in-charge Acholi-bur Health Centre III, mr Michael Owiny, said with the laxity in the area, the disease is bound to spread further.

“We diagnosed the deceased at this health centre but we have to wait and come out with detailed information to confirm the outbreak,” mr Owiny said.

The District Health Officer, Dr Jane Oola, however, said her office is not aware of the disease outbreak but pledged to send a team of health officials on ground to ascertain the reports.

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