Gonorrhea symptoms please answer?

by Symptom Advice on August 31, 2011

what are the symptoms of gonorrhea and is it like chlamydia cause i was tested for chlamydia and it said i didnt have it…is it that the doctors missed it and really have gonorrhea

Usually between10-14 days after suspect secual activity….some of the symptoms include frequent urination, white discharge, rashes to vulva area, and left untreated can lead to sterility. I would think that your doctor would test not just for 1 blood test fbut for a full panel, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Aids panel and gonorrhea Get retested for your peace of mind.Hope all is negative for your sake.sometimes in Life, a little scar is necessary to awaken one to the chances that one takes with sexual health.always consider this if nothing else…how many sexual partners has that person had BEFORE he got to YOU.think about that for a moment.that should scare the living day lights out of any person…If a Guy drops a girl because he wo't have sex with them TELL THEM GOD BYE.Life is tooo short.good Luck !!

-smelly, colored discharge, burning and itching of the vagina.
just today i was treated for both chlamydia and gonorrhea, my doctor wasnt quite sure which one i had, because the symptoms are so similar.
if you were tested for chlamydia and he said you didnt have it, chances are you dont. but if you're still having symptoms then you should have further tests.

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