I have prostatitis should I go back to the Doctor?

by Symptom Advice on August 30, 2011

How long do the symptoms last. I have this and have been on antibiotics for a week and I am getting worse. I have started to run a fever and I have chills and now I am coughing up things.

Ok, i can tell you that prostatitis cna be divided into two types,Chronic and acute.If it is acute ,aome antibiotics can treat it.While if it is acute, it may be hard.So you should know taking antibiotics will cost a large pennies to your body,it has side effect.It also cna produce drug resistance and no actual effect.you can try to go to hospital for operation or choose other med.Diureitc anti-inflammatory pill is a right choice.It has cured my aunt .you can try.

Time to take yourself back to the Dr. Antibiotics for a week should have greatly improved your symptoms and have not. Chills and fevers are also signs hat you are not getting better. The cough may be unrelated but at the same time just coincidental you may have picked up a respiratory bug. Your dr. is the only one who can tell for sure.

It is really that you have go back to the doctors and have a check , prostatitis is caused by bacteria and you will suffer from more complications if you leave it untreated , the Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can help you to cure your prostatitis , your fever and chills are all the symptoms of prostatitis , you have to get the treatment as soon as you can . Please do not waste time on taking antibiotics , that does not work for your prostatitis. Go back to the doc and seek some good drug to use , the herbs are the good selections, you can use the google search engine to get more related information .

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