I have symptoms of Colon Cancer, are there any other diseases that resemble the symptoms of Colon Cancer?

by Symptom Advice on April 16, 2011

I have:

Bloody Stools
Thin Stools
Abdominal pain
Going poop alot
No solid or "regular" stools
I feel like I have to poop all the time, but only a tiny bit comes out or nothing
I'm tired all the time

I have a doctors appointment for this Friday. Personally, I don't feel these symptoms could be Crohn's or IBL. what do you guys think?

It is possible you have something else besides cancer. obviously you are bleeding somewhere so I advise you to just keep searching to find out where that bleeding is coming from. No matter your age, with your symptoms of having blood in your stool a colonoscopy might be wise to schedule right away to find out if you have colon cancer. You are tired because you are losing blood and are probably anemic or close to it. I wish you the best. hopefully your doctor will help you but you need to be persistent and research on your own too so you can talk wisely to your doctor about your symptoms and condition.

I had colon cancer. my persistence helped me be a survivor.

it could be a variable of IBS….constipation/diarrhea alternating. there are many things to be done to get the bowel working normally again. And when you are not eliminating properly you can definitely feel tired or 'off'. Who wouldn't with toxins reabsorbing daily? see what the dr says..and if you want to improve your situation, you will have to make a decision to DO it. Diet, herbs/supplements, exercise, drinking water – all will contribute to a healthy bowel.

Yep, I have Crohns and I have exactly the same symptoms so try not to think the worst! I know it's difficult but it could also be IBS, or even just stress!!! go get it checked out. even if it is something else then the quicker you find out the better!!

It sounds like Crohn's to me!

leave this to a Dr.
When your car won't run you call a mechanic – right ?

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