Improving life for those with ‘designer disease’ (From The Oxford Times)

by Symptom Advice on November 7, 2011

Improving life for those with ‘designer disease’

8:10am Thursday 27th October 2011

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most of us know somebody affected by Parkinson’s — the stereotype is of an ageing relative sitting in the corner quietly and shaking.

about one in 500 people has Parkinson’s; that’s about 120,000 people in the UK including increasingly, younger people. People with Parkinson’s (PWPs) don’t have enough of the chemical dopamine, because some of the nerve cells in their brain have died.

There are various ways of managing the condition, and relieving the symptoms but as yet no cure.

it is often called the designer disease, as the symptoms and how quickly they develop differ dramatically between PWPs.

many have tremors, and/or find it hard to move freely. Muscles become stiff, leading to slowness or even freezing when moving. Tiredness, pain, and depression impact on day-to-day lives, and often simple tasks can progressively become more difficult or impossible.

The national charity, Parkinson’s UK, is committed to finding a cure and improving life for everybody affected by Parkinson’s disease.

it has more than 330 local branches providing information and support, including expert staff and nurses, a website and a free confidential helpline.

it is also a major UK funder of research into finding a cure for Parkinson’s and also for new and better ways to help PWPs to carry on more normal lives, and for longer.

This is where you come in.

On November 27, we are holding a sponsored ‘Oxford Walk’ — a guided 90-minute tour with Visit Oxfordshire, followed by self-paced three-, five-, or eight-mile sponsored routes around Oxford.

to join the walkers or offer sponsorship please email uk or telephone Nick Posford on 0844 225 9845.

we also need a local branch chairperson to replace the long-serving Campbell Ferguson, who will retire by March 2012.

The Oxford and District branch is a vibrant one, with around 150 members, and is in a healthy financial situation, having raised over £90,000 over the last six years.

For a full role description and person specification please email or telephone Martin Tims on 01865 872722.

The new chair should preferably have some experience of Parkinson’s and its effects.

For more about Parkinson’s visit the website or call thehelpline on 0808 800 0303.

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