It Can Be Bad to Let Lyme Disease Symptoms Go Unchecked

by Symptom Advice on April 18, 2011

The truth of the matter is that anyone can get Lyme disease. a person contracts Lyme disease by being bit by a tick, which is a tiny create that can live in any wooded or grassy area. Ticks can bite someone without their knowledge, and often a person will contract Lyme disease and assume they have another disorder because of the symptoms. could you recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease in its different stages? We hope this article will help you determine some of the more common symptoms so you know when to go see your doctor.

Have you encountered difficulty in movement of and stiffness of your joints and muscles? Chief indicators of Lyme disease are inflexibility of the joints and muscles.

This includes more than just feeling tight after some exercise. It’s also more evident than the stiffness or pain you may feel if you are starting to get the flu or another minor ailment. get a hold of your doctor if you begin to notice stiffness in your joints and muscles and that if it is becoming a concern. It’s a possibility that you are being afflicted with Lyme disease or something that is just as serious.

A symptom that is quite common among many sicknesses out there is swollen lymph nodes (glands). So, how can you tell if it is a Lyme disease symptom when it afflicts you? the briefest answer is: you won’t.

You won’t be able to know for certain if your swollen glands are an indicator of Lyme disease until you become tested for the condition. If these swollen glands are associated with some of the other primary indicators (remarkably a tick bite or a bull’s eye rash), although, browsing for Lyme disease when you see your doctor will be a wonderful idea.

Lyme disease symptoms include meningitis and peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is often first noticed in a numbness in the hands and feet. a feeling that is similar to wearing thin gloves or even a tingling or burning is what it feels like. this symptom can be brought on by a major injury to the nerves or to the brain. until it completely manifest itself, meningitis is hard to catch. It is important to immediately get tested by your doctor if you develop any signs of meningitis since it is contagious. Diagnosing Lyme disease can be tricky. many of the symptoms are the same as other disease and are therefore misdiagnosed. In cases where the person doesn’t show symptoms till later stages of the disease this is even more true. In the end, you know your body best, so if you feel a little off, it is better to talk to your doctor. maybe you will get lucky and the doctor will find a tick bite and you can get the treatment you need. this information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on cheap cell phones no contract.

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