Mets first baseman Ike ‘likely’ has Valley Fever

by Symptom Advice on March 13, 2012

“Ike is not contagious, is not taking any medication for his condition and does not currently exhibit any of the outward symptoms associated with Valley Fever,” the statement continued. “However, Ike has been instructed to avoid extreme fatigue. No additional tests or examinations are pending, but Ike will have a follow-up exam when the team returns to NYC in early April.”

Valley Fever is caused by breathing in a fungus that exists in dry desert areas, according to the website WebMD. Davis lives in Phoenix, where the disease is much more familiar to people there than it is on the East Coast.

Symptoms, the website said, include feeling like you have a cold or the flu, fever, chills, chest pain, a dry cough and a rash. Many people who have it never exhibit any symptoms, and most people with the disease get better without treatment.

but people with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to the disease spreading to the skin, bones, lymph nodes and organs, which can lead to bigger problems, such as meningitis, “a very serious infection of the coverings around the brain and spinal cord,” the website said.

A person close to Davis said, “I can tell you he’s not concerned, and everyone around him isn’t concerned. He’s never been symptomatic and he feels great.”

It’s unclear now what impact — if any — this might have on Davis’ season, in which he is trying to come back from last year’s serious ankle injury. he certainly seemed just fine on Saturday, participating in a full pregame workout before going 2-for-2 with a double and an RBI in an intrasquad game. Afterward, Davis, in a jovial mood, kidded with reporters and slyly reminded them that one of his hits was a double.

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