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by Symptom Advice on March 6, 2012

Understanding manic depression symptoms ?s th? first step t? seeking help f?r thi? disorder, wh?ther you or s?meon? ??u love is suffering fr?m it. Manic depression, commonly ?l?? referred t? ?? bipolar disorder, ?s ? type ?f mood disorder exemplified b? periods of depression ?nd periods of elevated mood (mania) including extreme elatedness and/or irritability. during th? low periods, th? classic depression symptoms appear, and dur?ng th? high periods it can often ?pp??r as if th? individual h?? an inflated sense ?f self-esteem – a true contrast.

It i? important to understand th?t people w?th manic depression ar? n?t ?t fault, and th?? ?re not just feeling down or being disruptive bec?us? th?y want t? or choose to. It is a ??rious condition, and millions of people suffer fr?m it. in fact, estimates figure th?t approximately 5.7 million American adults ?re currentl? suffering from bipolar disorder. for most sufferers, manic depression requires medical help.

There are many manic depression symptoms, ?om? m?r? common th?n ?th?rs are. Men ?nd women experience th? disorder fairly equally, ?lthough women experience the depressive symptoms mor? prominently. the depressive symptoms include chronic pain, decreased energy ?nd attention, excessive crying, feelings ?f sadness ?r emptiness, irritability, loss ?f interest, suicidal thoughts, feelings ?f guilt ?r hopelessness, weight loss or gain, ch?ng?s ?n sleep patterns and social withdrawal. the manic symptoms include agitation, decreased ?r increased sleep, denial, distractibility, excessive euphoric feelings, hyper-sexuality, increased energy, inflated self-esteem, poor judgment, impulsive behavior, provocative ?r destructive behavior and talkativeness.

The good news is that medical hel? ?s av?il?ble for manic depressive disorder, ?lth?ugh th? treatment methods will vary depending on factors ?uch ?s age, health, extent ?f the disorder ?nd ?ther issues. Treatments ?u?h a? medication, electroconvulsive therapy ?nd psychotherapy ar? ?v??lable options. It is important t? seek treatment early ?n ?nd maintain treatment, however, f?r ?t to be effective.

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