People with colon cancer what where your symptoms?

by Symptom Advice on April 23, 2011

I have pain in my tailbone and around it, it hurts only in the morning when sat on, or later in day if I flex my but muscles, I went to the doctor and he felt it and there is nothing not a bump or anything, he thinks it is weight or how tall I am and it is pressure on my tail bone I am 6,1 and 15, I weigh 245, does it sound like I have cancer? my mom and grandpa have degenerative spine problem, and my cousin John has to go to a Chiropracter, sorry for spelling.

read this

Bone pain or muscle pain usually isn't a sign of cancer. Maybe, and I mean maybe, nerve damage, but it's most likely a torn ligament.

P.S. You don't feel for colon cancer. Doctors check it from your stool sample.

I agree with Tom, go to the site.
Also, no i don't think it's colon cancer, you don't have a bloody stool or nauseated, bloating etc. see that site , it's informative.

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