Prostatitis/CPPS – Treatment and Symptoms?

by Symptom Advice on August 22, 2011

I've got a chronic pain in my prostate region. sometimes the specific area of pain moves to different areas, such as down into my thigh, but the pain is always on the right side. I occasionally have a discomfort in the tip of my penis, like a chafing feeling. It's not sore to the touch, and goes away after several days. Blood tests are clear, it's not STD. My first doc(GP) thought it might be epididimitis, and I've been on Cipro, Zithromax, and Doxycycline, but nothing fixes it. I had a testicular ultrasound which was clear. The urologist diagnosed porstatitis and prescribed Avodart, which I've been on for over a month now, while continuing Doxycycline. The pain comes and goes, but never goes away completely. Muscle relaxers and ibuprofen provide little to no relief. The question is, are these symptoms common for CPPS or Prostatitis? What other medications or treatments can I try? could it be something else? Any suggestions (other than go see another doc) would be greatly appreciated!!

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