Repko dealing with concussion symptoms

by Symptom Advice on October 12, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS — Twins outfielder Jason Repko, who was hit in the back of the head by a pitch from the Indians’ Justin Masterson on Sunday, is still experiencing concussion-like symptoms, and is unlikely to return this season.

Repko has been bothered by headaches and nausea, and must be cleared by Major League Baseball before he can return to action.

“The past couple days he had a CT and an MRI on his head and they both came back normal, but he’s still complaining of concussion symptoms,” Twins trainer Rick McWane said. “So, we’ll do further testing. he hasn’t been ruled out for the rest of the season, but I’d say it’s unlikely.”

Span glad to be back against Mariners

MINNEAPOLIS — Twins center fielder Denard Span, who has been dealing with migraines related to his concussion sustained in a home-plate collision on June 3, was activated from the disabled list on Wednesday.

Span started in center field and batted leadoff against the Mariners. he went 0-for-3 at the plate before being removed after the fourth inning.

Span said before the game that he was “nervous” about making his return.

“It was a big sigh of relief getting back out there,” Span said. “I was nervous, but that last at-bat definitely felt good. when I came out of the game, I took three or four big deep breaths because I just got over it and got it out of the way. so, it felt good.”

it was Span’s first game back since Aug. 13, as he played in nine games in early August after missing nearly two months.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire also was pleased to see that Span’s return went as planned and that he had no issues out on the field.

“I think he was excited,” Gardenhire said. “He saw the ball good, and I think he felt pretty good about being out there. it was nice to see.”

Getting back into game action before season’s end was Span’s goal.

“It’s very important,” Span said. “I think if I would have went the whole offseason without playing and just showing up to Spring Training without playing for six, seven months, I think the hurdle probably would have been through the roof, trying to get over that hump. it would’ve been a lot tougher for me. so, I think getting back on the field is going to do something for me mentally.”

Gardenhire said Span is expected to play every few days, as the club doesn’t want to take any risks with Span.

“It’s going to be here and there,” Gardenhire said. “We’re not going to go out there and beat him up and play a lot of games. He’s in there tonight and then we’ll see about [Thursday] and maybe one in Cleveland. It’s not going to be a lot. We just want to make sure he’s OK and can get some at-bats and get through it, and leave on a positive note.”

Span, who first started dealing with migraines and vertigo in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis, said the concussion in June brought back those symptoms. he said he feels healthy enough to play, but wants to make sure his symptoms don’t return next year.

“I think it’s still a work in progress,” Span said. “Before this season, I had some flare-ups with the dizziness and I had a plan and routine I’d go through daily to keep it in check. but I think now, dealing with this concussion, even in the offseason I have to come up with a new routine and game plan to move forward and keep my symptoms in check for next year.”

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