The Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

by Symptom Advice on May 10, 2011

People who have tried solving the gallbladder problem by using the liver and gallbladder flush, claim that this method is effective and leaves no side effects. Many people are actually afraid of gallbladder surgery, so they decide to use the flush method. Let us see what this really is.

The Liver and Gallbladder Flush

According to some sources, the liver and gallbladder flush is good for several reasons. first, some believe that colon cancer is possible after gallbladder surgery. No need to explain how frightened a patient can be after reading something like this, so everyone will try to avoid gallbladder surgery. therefore, gallbladder flush comes as a better option.

Second, some people are afraid of gallbladder surgery side effects. we don’t know how reasonable this fear really is, because not all patients have side effects after the surgery. the liver and gallbladder flush is considered more natural, so people tend to think that it will leave no side effects.

We could read about benefits of gallbladder flush. Purifying the blood was one of these benefits. However, we don’t know if this is 100 % true.

Regeneration of the body is another benefit of this method, but again, how can we take this to be true? this can be quite individual. Flush removes the waste and toxins from the body, but is this so simple? According to what many people say – it is simple. we can’t just take their word on this, since gallbladder and liver are very important organs. Whatever you decide to do, you must never do it on your own. your doctor must examine your liver and your gallbladder and tell you what to do.

People who had liver and gallbladder flush had to follow some instructions, like avoid solid foods for at least two days. Natural juices made of apple and cinnamon is recommended for such patients. You should talk to a professional about what you can consume after liver and gallbladder flush.

After these two days, there will be some adjustments. Patients are advised to warm up the right side of the ribs.

Now, we will not express any attitude about this method. However, our duty is to tell you the following: never decide about your health without your doctor’s knowledge. Keep in mind that gallbladder surgery is sometimes the only solution to the problem. In some cases, this surgery prevented serious complications and it just had to be done. of course, people don’t like surgeries and they would do anything to avoid this kind of intervention, but sometimes, this is the only option.

You must visit your doctor and ask for his professional opinion on your gallbladder problem and ways to solve it.

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