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by Symptom Advice on March 18, 2012

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A bad cough, sneezing, and congestion: we try to avoid these symptoms at all costs but thousands of adults still go without the recommended vaccinations every year.

Studies show only one-third of adults take the flu shot during the season. And other more dangerous diseases are also being put on the back burner.

The most forgotten illness is chickenpox.  It’s not just for kids.  In fact, adults are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized when they have chicken pox than are children. the Centers for Disease Control recommends two doses of the vaccine if you’ve never had it.

If you’re 60 or older, you’re not off the hook.  one million adults get shingles every year. It’s caused by the same virus as chickenpox.  It stays dormant for years and can reactivate, causing severe pain. the shingles vaccine is recommended for all adults over 60.

Finally, whooping cough. For years one shot as a child was considered enough, but doctors say it’s becoming more of an adult problem.  Doctors suggest adults, especially parents, have one Tdap vaccine followed by a tetanus booster every 10 years.

Your doctor should review your status with you every check-up.  Blood tests can show if you need the vaccine for some types of diseases, but the best best is to just get re-vaccinated. Experts say even if you’ve taken the shot in the past, it won’t harm you.

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