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by Symptom Advice on April 10, 2012

An official in the Ministry of Health said yesterday that the one case of malaria reported in Exuma on Monday may have been contracted on the island.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen said according to the information he received, the U.S. traveler who contracted the disease did so on the island because he did not visit any endemic country before visiting the Bahamas. Asked if there were any more people who had contracted the disease, Brennen said, “We don’t know yet. No one else has reported any symptoms. “It is very weird for one person to contract malaria. you have to have a source case somewhere.” Brennen said if a source case is not found the ministry would be a little more skeptical about if it was contracted on the island. According to Brennen, the person was staying in the George Town area, the same location previous victims contracted malaria in 2008 and 2006. “I don’t think the area in particular is the issue…the issue is…you having people who come into the area who have contracted malaria from some endemic country,”he said. the Nassau Guardian understands that government officials and hotel industry officials will meet today to discuss the recent case. Brennen noted that fogging has increased on the island. In 2006 four cases of malaria were recorded in the George Town area. all four of those cases were treated and the victims recovered, officials reported. On Monday, the Ministry of Health released a press statement on the latest case, noting that a team was mobilized to investigate. Brennen pointed out that unlike dengue fever, malaria could be treated. Malaria is not endemic in the Bahamas, but sporadic cases are encountered from time to time, the release noted. it is transmitted by the bite of the female anopheles mosquitoes.

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