Vale Dyspraxia Support Group appeals for volunteer leaders (From Barry And District News)

by Symptom Advice on September 15, 2011

Vale Dyspraxia Support Group appeals for volunteer leaders

4:30pm Sunday 21st August 2011

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THE Vale Dyspraxia Support Group is appealing for volunteers to come forward to run the organisation.

the Barry family members who have run the group for the last seven years are moving out of the area, and they are desperate for someone to take over the reins.

VDSG provides support and advice for parents, carers, families and others that are affected by dyspraxia.

They currently provide members with monthly meetings, an advice line, and links to a range of other organisations.

They also arrange social activities including 10-pin bowling, cinema trips, boat trips and visits to the likes of Techniquest.

“We are considering moving to Oxford and we are not going to be able carry on with the group if we move there,” said one of the co-ordinators.

“After seven and a half years the group could do with some fresh leadership too.

“We are asking for people to come forward, for us to find out a little bit more about them, and see if people in the meetings feel happy for them to lead the group and take it forward from us.”

Dyspraxia is a condition where the normal process of development of physical actions that require co-ordination is delayed or disturbed.

Typically a child with dyspraxia has difficulty with their gross motor skills, including activities such as throwing, catching and running, as well as fine motor skills, such as handwriting.

Dyspraxia is part of a group of conditions that include dyslexia and ADHD, with many children having symptoms of one or more of these conditions.

if you have an interest in helping young people with dyspraxia and its associated conditions, email or ring 01446 738945.

you can also visit the website at

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