What are the symptoms of a hormone imbalance or problem?

by Symptom Advice on June 22, 2011

I just want to know if there is any way to know if I should go and get my hormones checked out because I am suffering from achne that never goes away and my period comes pretty much once a month but I can't count and know when it is going to come that month.

Ok, a normal period comes every 28 days so if your period comes on the first of April, your next period is April 28. It's easy to check. if your period cannot be checked like this it's irregular. It seems u have a hormonal imbalance. here are the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

Craving sweets or carbs
Feeling depresed or overwhelmed
Fuzzy thinking
Digestive issues
Heart palpitation
Breast pain
Urinary dysfunction
Mood swings or irritibility
Weight gain
Irregular periods
Vaginal dryness
Hair loss/Dry skin
Stiffness or joint pain
Fuzzy thinking.

I suffered from hormonal imbalance as a result i have terrible acne all over my arms, neck, back shoulder and face. I have terrible menstrual pain, severe anxiety, fuzzy thinking, acid reflux, excessive sweating and no energy.
This is what i did
I started taking maca and and ALL of my symptoms improved drastically. I no longer have stomach problems, excruciatinp period pains, acne is almost all gone, i have great energy, my thinking is clear and not fuzzy and because maca increases sexual stimulation as well i now tire out my bf. I told him he should start taking maca root to keep up with me lol. Here are soem positives of maca root.

Benefits (uses) of Maca root for Men

1. Maca increases Aphrodisiac activity.

2. Enhances libido.

3. Increases energy, stamina and endurance.

4. Improvement of male potency.

5. Helps overcome depression.

6. found to produce a "general sense of well-being".

7. DHEA level increases significantly in a majority of the males treated with it.

8. Helps in stress treatment.

9. Increases sperm count (oligospermia), count of mobile spermatozoids and mobility, formation of spermatozoids (spermatogenesis)

10. Athletic Performance.

11. Hormone Balancing.

12. Increased Testosterone Levels.

13. Maca helps with Erectile Dysfunction.

14. Fertility Enhancement

15. Helps fight acne resulted from hormonal unbalances.

Benefits (uses) of Maca root for Women

1. Maca increases Aphrodisiac Activity.

2. Enhances Libido.

3. Increases Energy.

4. Maca increases Sexual Stimulation

5. Helps to overcomes depression.

6. found to produce a "general sense of well-being".

7. Helps in Stress Treatment.

8. Helps fight menopause symptoms.

9. Maca reduces Hot Flashes.

10. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HTR).

11. Hormone balancing.

12. Athletic Performance.

13. PMS Associated Problems.

14. Maca helps alleviate Menstrual Pain

15. Corrects Menstrual Irregularity

16. Helps with acne resulted from hormonal unbalances.

17. Helps hormonal related skin problems

18. Maca Decreases Stress

19. Maca Decreases Anxiety

Another alternative is to visit
P.S. I have never tried their program cause Maca Root works great for me but i hear its good
Also may i suggest you cleanse your body of toxins, do a colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, candida cleanse. Do a search on these cleanses and you will see how important it is to get them done. a Doctor will never tell you to cleanse your body or else you won't need them anymore. Good luck!

hey i suffer from the same thing, so if u find something out please share it w/me

Acne is a bacterial infection. It needs to be treated with topical antibiotics. As a last resort, oral antibiotics. Acne is not a symptom of any hormone imbalance.

An irregular period is quite normal too. It's not a sign of any serious hormone imbalance. The younger you are, the more irregular you are going to be. Although you state that you have period once a month. that sounds pretty darn regular to me.

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