What is the symptoms of gallstones ?

by Symptom Advice on September 9, 2011

My son is suffering from gallstones. Some times he suffer in vomitting and indisation. the local docter give him some medicine then he cure. but after that again he fall in disease. Is it occure for the gallstone?

You feel like your stomach is literally on fire! You cramp, feel like you are going to throw up. Stay away from dairy, spicy and greasy foods!! I had mine taken out 12 years ago, same day surgery, felt much better after wards! Hope your son is better soon!!!

Pain lots and lots of pain.

I had my Gall Bladder removed recently. You have the symptoms of diarrhea and side pain. I wasn't sick though. I felt excellent after having the Surgery done. I was sent home the same day. I had the Surgery where my Mom works.

My nan has them.
She has found a way to cope with them – so, she can avoid surgery, by not eating rich foods, as this used to make her vomit and made life, extremely painful for herself.

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