Why does everyone always list symptoms and ask if they are pregnant?

by Symptom Advice on March 19, 2011

Instead of taking an actual pregnancy test. this drives me crazy! How are people on the internet supposed to know if you are pregnant?! any symptoms or combination of symptoms could be a number of things. Once they hit me and I was curious if i was pregnant I drove to walmart bought a generic pregnancy test (3 for $12) and it answerd my question…3 times. ha.

I totally understand and feel the same way. I asked 1 question wanting statistics on the possibility of pregnancy in my current situation (on Depo and antibiotics I couldn't find any relevant information on drug interactions, had sex without a back-up and wanted to know that chances of this resulting in pregnancy. not wanting someone to tell me if I was pregnant or not!!!), I will find out when I take the test on Monday, but no one can look at a list of symptoms on the internet and know if you are pregnant or not! it really cracks me up when I see, I had sex 3 days ago and now I am always hungry and peeing more than normal and a little queasy! Just take a test and then come into this section and ask a question if you have one related to your pregnancy! Hopefully a lot of people will see this and quit asking so many times, it is like you just wanna say go look at the previous 50 questions and answers that are the exact same as yours!

-Some people are mortified of the test results, and are trying to figure it out before testing (dull the shock a little?)
-Some are too early to test, and they want some sort of reassurance whether they could/could not be. TTC and unplanned pregnancies alike can cause plenty of stress when the woman doesn't know and cant find out for an amount of time, and some women just want the lip-service advice/reassurance in their situation.

I know it can get annoying and all of that (I mean, yeah – just go buy a test), but showing some understanding for individual situations never hurts.

I mean – this is an open forum for any sort of question under the sun. I'm not particularly going to hound on some 16 year old for asking "could I be" when the sex education in this country is so severely lacking (though I will point out that if you don't know about sex you shouldn't be having it). Nor am I going to harp on someone who is TTC with such furor that they want to know "could I be" after a matter of days. Give the advice you want or ignore the question… even if you do have to post "wait a week and take a test" about a million times. lol.

Yeah, and the best ones are "I just had sex yesterday. am I pregnant?" they obviously aren't smart enough to have sex. I think those questions should no longer be allowed. when I thought I was pregnant I went and bought 3 boxes of tests just to check and see….and I got my answer!

because they are idiots! and some are just attention seeking trolls..

it annoys me too!! thats alot of the reason why i spend most of my time in the baby name section instead of the pregnancy section now, lol.

This bugs me SOOOOOOOOOOO much…I swear that half the questions in this section are all asking if they are pregnant..and asking about their symptoms. We arent your frickin doctors :)

The dollar store even sells pregnancy tests… I couldn't imagine stressing about it and being too cheap to pay a dollar to know for sure. it is silly.

This gets asked about 25 times an hour – just look back a few questions.

yea this annoys me as well…. i guess they are just impatient and ask in hopes of one us having super powers and being able to know if they are pregnant or not…. idk….

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