ADHD in Adults: Behavioral Symptoms and Treatment

by Symptom Advice on December 6, 2011

When we encounter the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), we usually immediately associate the condition with children, which is not entirely surprising, as it is one of the most recognized developmental problems in children.

ADHD, however, is a condition that is not experienced exclusively by children. Adults may have ADHD as well.

ADHD is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness, and for 60 percent of children who have ADHD, these symptoms continue into adulthood. Adults with ADHD may find it difficult to follow directions, remember information, concentrate, organize tasks, or complete tasks within a specific time limit.

ADHD in adults may lead to several behaviors and problems, including, but not limited to, low self esteem; difficulty in controlling anger; substance abuse or addiction; depression; and relationship issues, among others.

In addition, adults with ADHD were found to be more likely to smoke cigarettes, use illegal drugs, and have various driving violations, such as being cited for speeding; having their license suspended; and being involved in more car crashes.

While there are adults that may suffer from ADHD, researchers agree that it is not an adult-onset disorder and needs to be verified from childhood.

Treatment of ADHD in adults may consist of medication and cognitive and behavioral therapy.

Adults with ADHD are usually prescribed with stimulant drugs. the challenge with this treatment, however, is that stimulant drugs are controlled substances, which is why adults with ADHD are prone to substance abuse. the only non-stimulant medication that has been given approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Strattera.

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