Are brain tumor and sinus symptoms the same?

by Symptom Advice on July 13, 2011

Recently , a friend of mine had head aches and all that. She got her MRI done. and got it checked from a couple of doctors. most of them said that she has sinus so thats the reason. One Homeopathic doctor said that she had a cist in her brain when he looked at the report , and said that she has brain tumour. $ years back her mom even died of cancer, So it might be genetic.
What is this?
Please help.

No, brain tumor and sinus symptoms are not the same. these are different things.
Sinus symptoms are ear infections, nasal congestion etc.
The brain tumor symptoms are like in general Headaches (usually worse in the morning), Nausea or vomiting, Changes in speech, vision, or hearing, ability to concentrate, memory problem, tingling in the arms or legs etc.

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