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by Symptom Advice on October 18, 2011

Monthly E-News from CHAT of Wakulla, Keeping You Informed:  September 2011

Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog MonthOctober is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month and CHAT would like to invite you to come to the Adoption Center to adopt a homeless pet to share your life and home.  for the month of October, CHAT is reducing the adoption fees for our dogs.  Fees always include initial health examination, spay/neuter, microchip, rabies and other vaccinations up to date, a small bag of dog food, and a month of free pet insurance!!

Our Pet of the MonthLucky wasn’t so lucky.  She had been adopted from the CHAT Adoption Center as a puppy and recently returned because her adopters could no longer care for her.  She is an active dog and needs a fenced-in yard, or someone who enjoys exercise!  She is a Labrador/Catahoula mix and is almost 3 years old.  can you help her find a forever, loving home?

And–we are pleased to announce another way for you to support CHAT of Wakulla and our homeless 4-legged friends!  we have now teamed up with Petfinder’s “Sponsor a Pet” program.  Follow this link:

Select an animal from our adoptable pets list and click the “sponsor me” tab.  Sign up, then pick a donation amount, and submit.  Simple!  Donations through the Petfinder Foundation “Sponsor Me” program will be sent to CHAT on a quarterly basis, and will make a great difference for our animals.  we thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Mark your Calendar!!

Canine Poker Walk/CHAToberfest is coming up on October 29th at the CHAT Adoption Center.  Please check our website for details.  Tons of fun!!  Hope to see you there!!


What is Parvo?

Parvovirus is a viral disease of dogs.  It affects puppies much more frequently than it affects adult dogs.

What are the symptoms of Parvo?

Parvo is a virus that attacks the lining of the digestive system.  It causes dogs and puppies to not be able to absorb nutrients or liquids.  Puppies are especially prone to it because they have an immature immune system.  It is characterized by severe, bloody diarrhea and vomiting, high fever and lethargy.  Parvo can also attack a dog’s heart causing congestive heart failure.

How is Parvo transmitted?

Canine parvovirus is carried by dogs.  Adult dogs may be infected carriers without showing any clinical signs.  It can last a long time in the environment, perhaps as long as nine months or longer.  Generally, it takes 7-10 days from the time of exposure for dogs and puppies to start showing symptoms and to test positive for parvo.

Parvo is highly contagious to unprotected dogs and the virus can remain infectious in ground contaminated with fecal material for five months or more if conditions are favorable.  Extremely hardy, most disinfectants cannot kill the virus, however, chlorine bleach is the most effective and inexpensive agent that works.

Is there a Parvovirus vaccination?

Yes!  many vets recommend vaccinating puppies every three to four weeks for this virus starting at six weeks of age and continuing until they are at least 16-20 weeks of age.  many veterinarians continue to recommend yearly vaccinations for it.  It seems prudent to at least get the vaccination at one year of age.

How is Parvo treated?

Without intense treatment, the victims of parvo die of dehydration.  Treatment generally consists of IV or sub-cutaneous fluids and antibiotics.  there is no cure.  Veterinarians can only treat the symptoms palliatively and try to keep the dog alive by preventing dehydration and loss of proteins.

How do I prevent the spread of Parvo?

The surest way to avoid parvo infection in your dog is to adhere to the recommended vaccination schedule which begins when puppies are 6-8 weeks of age.  Puppies should not be allowed to socialize with other dogs or frequent areas where other dogs have been until two weeks after they have had their last vaccination.  Immunization for parvo is usually included in your dog’s distemper vaccine.

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