First black policeman raises awareness of prostate cancer (From This Is Local London)

by Symptom Advice on April 3, 2012

First black policeman David Michael raises awareness of prostate cancer

7:10am Friday 23rd March 2012 in News by Alex Bellotti

in 1973, David Michael made history as a 19-year-old by becoming the first black officer to serve in the Met Police in Lewisham.

Now, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, the Lewisham 58-year-old is again trying to make a difference.

The retired Detective Chief Inspector has decided it is time to raise awareness about prostate cancer and, having also lost two close family members to the disease, it is a subject he is painfully aware of.

He said: “It seemed more difficult for the family.

“I was resigned to take one day at a time and was confident the medical team would do the best they could for me.

“I was 55 years old at the time and the consultant and his team recommended that the most appropriate treatment in my case was to remove the diseased prostate by keyhole surgery.

“My keyhole procedure went very well.

“I did not require any other form of medicine or treatment and have been cancer-free since January 2009.”

However, Mr Michael says the reason for his successful recovery is because he requested a test for prostate cancer before doctors even identified any symptoms.

Without this request, the outcome may not have been as positive, a fact which he is keen to pass on.

He said: “Since my diagnosis, treatment and recovery, I have been involved in prostate cancer awareness in the community.

“I started a Facebook group that now has over 3,000 members including health professionals, family members bereaved through prostate cancer and men living with prostate cancer through various stages.”

Mr Michael is now helping to promote the work of The Prostate Cancer Charity and has been working harder than ever during March – designated Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

He is also raising money for the organisation through his page on the Justgiving fundraising website.

for more information, visit and

Facts about Prostate Cancer.

• all men over 50 years old are entitled to the blood test David requested on the NHS.

• The older men get, the greater incidence of prostate cancer there will be.

• The more members of a family who have prostate cancer, the greater the risk factors for other male members.

• Black men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men.

• It is widely suggested that a good diet may play a crucial role as a preventative measure.

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