Link Loot Auction For Full Tuition And More

by Symptom Advice on April 28, 2012

Campus Involvement — by Kayla O'Brien on December 6, 2009 at 4:56 pm Tweet

Remember those signs that hung outside your dorm room advertising LINK LOOT points for the past 3 months? If you actually attended one of these events you probably realized how dedicated many student were to collecting these points.

But what was so important about these Link Loots? on Wednesday night the freshmen of UCF gathered in the Pegasus Ballroom for the annual Link Loot auction. after registering I found out that I had 6,000 points and felt confident about my chances of winning one of the many items located on the prize table in the front of the room.

Soon after the auction began I realized that my point count was no match to my fellow classmates. each link loot point accumulated during the fall semester could go towards winning some pretty sweet prizes. A 32 inch flat screen TV, Blue Ray Player, mountain bike, PS3 gaming system and the Wii just to name a few.

The most anticipated prize of the night was a giant tuition check that sold for 73,000 points. 2 students bid an equal amount and therefore the winner was determined in a best out of 3 rock paper scissors show down. At the end of the night I unfortunatley left empty handed but the experience has inspired me to collect more loot next semester!!

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