Linked N Chicago Appoints Top LinkedIn Consultant as a Strategic Adviser

by Symptom Advice on March 2, 2012

In its effort to broaden reach and leverage social networking, Linked N Chicago (LiNC), the largest Chicago-centric group on LinkedIn, has added J.D. Gershbein, CEO of Owlish Communications, as a strategic adviser to its management team. The group, now in excess of 33,000 members, is considered by LinkedIn to be one of the site’s most popular and frequently accessed groups.

Since 2006, J.D. Gershbein, a Vernon Hills resident, has enlightened thousands of executives, business owners, professional service providers, salespeople and helped their firms gain a competitive edge on LinkedIn. “J.D. will give our enterprise a huge credibility boost,” adds McFarlin. “He is one of the top LinkedIn consultants in the world and a Chicago guy. We are looking forward to collaborating with J.D. and benefiting from his vast LinkedIn expertise.” LiNC plans to work with J.D. on a number of social media initiatives which include sponsoring his revolutionary LinkedIn workshop training programs all across the Chicagoland area.

Chicago business professionals have long recognized LiNC as fertile ground for social networking, collaboration and high quality events. having organized into a solid, off-line enterprise, Linked N Chicago is on the fast track to becoming the standard of excellence in leveraging a LinkedIn group into real world opportunities for its members. “We’re taking an online community to an offline community and creating a sense of a community,” explains Mary McFarlin, the group’s Founder and Owner. “We are not resting on our laurels as just another LinkedIn group. We are tapping into the energy of our team and our membership to help us create win-win opportunities.”

Linked N Chicago, founded in 2006, provides superior networking opportunities, professional resources and support to the Chicagoland business community. through regularly scheduled events, affiliations, partnerships and community outreach programs, LiNC is the place to be for those on LinkedIn, both locally and globally, who are looking to meet quality professionals in the greater Chicago area.

For more information about LiNC, including membership, committees, marketing opportunities and a complete schedule of events, visit, or contact Mary McFarlin at 312.479.2431, or Mary Toomey, Director of Marketing, at 630.725.8971. for more information about J.D. Gershbein, including information on his LinkedIn workshop series, visit or contact him at 847.651.8989.

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