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by Symptom Advice on August 28, 2011

Tenth Anniversary of Sept. 11 (continued, 1 expert)

1. Cooking: How to Cook Chicken During National Chicken Month in September

2. Health: Cancer Care and Genetic Testing on a New Broad-Based Platform

3. Health: Disaster Evacuation and Adolescents

4. Health: the Case for Cloud Adoption in Health Care

5. Health: TMJ or Fibromyalgia?

6. Health: Workers must Have a Balanced 'Diet' of Sitting, Walking and Standing at the Office


1. Transitions in Media: Cindy Rodriguez

2. dear Gracie: How to Avoid Libel

3. Interesting Expert of the Week: Healthy Brain Edition

4. SXSW Interactive 2012: a Preview of the Panels

5. a Brief Blog Profile: No Meat Athlete



Following is an additional expert who can discuss the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. you can also find the original alert, which featured more than 120 experts and 11 events, as well as additional resources, on our online social network, ProfNet Connect:

**1. Anthony Mancini is a professor of psychology at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences at Pace University. he has shown that the majority of people are resilient when confronted with traumatic events. as a psychologist, Mancini has studied people in traumatic events, including those admitted to trauma centers for gunshots, industrial and automobile accidents, and breast-cancer patients. he is a panelist in a Sept. 8 symposium on media images of mass tragedies, "Witness to Tragedy and Recovery." News Contact: Chris Cory, Phone: +1-212-346-1117 or +1-917-608-8164

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**1. COOKING: HOW TO COOK CHICKEN DURING NATIONAL CHICKEN MONTH IN SEPTEMBER. bill Zehnder is the proud president of Bavarian Inn Restaurant in Frankenmuth, Mich. With National Chicken Month in September, chefs at Bavarian Inn Restaurant are running around like — well, you get the picture. the world-famous restaurant in Michigan's chicken capital is featuring more than 40 chicken-themed menu items all month to honor our favorite fowl: "We use more than 300 tons of chicken each year. and we know that when it comes to cooking delicious chicken, there's nothing more important than boiling the chicken first before grilling or frying them." Zehnder can share more about cooking chicken. News Contact: Sue Voyles, Phone: +1-734-667-2005

**2. HEALTH: CANCER CARE AND GENETIC TESTING ON a NEW BROAD-BASED PLATFORM. Ian Rhodes, leader of the health care and technology group at PA Consulting Group, can discuss the genuine problem for cancer patients of diagnostic labs, clinicians and hospitals genetic-testing tumor samples using different standards and platforms. Working on the world's first Stratified Medicine program with Cancer Research UK, he says the solution is developing a singular platform across the board and using accepted standards that better allow for personalized care, with each patient's treatment tailored to the genetic nature of the tumor: "This reflects the future of health care. the way we can most effectively treat cancer is to look at ways we can improve the health care systems for the best value and benefit of the patient." Rhodes is located in London and New York City. News Contact: Carrie Gray, Phone: +1-212-973-5954

**3. HEALTH: DISASTER EVACUATION AND ADOLESCENTS: NEW STUDY LINKS EVACUATION STATUS TO SUBSTANCE ABUSE, DATING VIOLENCE. Dr. Jeff R. Temple, psychologist and associate professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, can discuss the effect evacuation status has on adolescent behavior. In a survey study of more than 1,000 high-school students in Galveston, where Hurricane Ike caused unprecedented damage in 2008, Temple found that adolescents who do not evacuate from the scene of a disaster may be at higher risk for substance abuse and teen-dating violence than their counterparts who leave: "these findings add to growing data about how exposure to trauma affects adolescent psychological and behavioral health. Post-disaster screening for evacuation status can help school personnel and mental-health professionals determine which students may need more mental-health services. We can also develop better intervention programs and therapies that address these particular behaviors to help teens deal with the trauma." for video of Temple discussing the study, see here: ?News Contact: Brianne O'Donnell, Phone: +1-212-220-4444

**4. HEALTH: THE CASE FOR CLOUD ADOPTION IN HEALTH CARE. Ed Laczynski, vice president of cloud strategy for Datapipe, a leading provider of managed services and infrastructure for mission-critical IT: "the use of applications that operate on the cloud will allow doctors to reference patient history, submit referrals, process prescriptions and interact with the patient community. Cloud computing allows doctors and office staff to access patient records and office management systems from any platform or device, thereby optimizing workflow and containing costs." Laczynski can offer insights on how to safeguard vital data and increase the efficiency of information management, as well as discuss the common pain points of health care organizations considering cloud adoption. News Contact: Kristin Davie, Phone: +1-212-931-6176 ?

**5. HEALTH: TMJ OR FIBROMYALGIA? Dr. Todd Pizzi, owner of Modern Dentistry in Shrewsbury, Mass.: "It's easy to misdiagnose temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) because the migraines and sinus pain can also be associated with many other ailments, such as fibromyalgia. more telltale signs of TMJ include difficulty chewing; clicking, popping or a grating sound when opening and closing the mouth; inability to close the mouth; ear aches; and dizziness. Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal pain and disorder also known for causing fatigue — it includes, but is not limited to, pain in the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Approximately 3-6 percent of Americans have symptoms pointing to fibromyalgia. TMJ and fibromyalgia can produce the same excruciating symptoms in the neck, back, shoulders, face and head. if untreated, TMJ can cause tooth loss, which can cause havoc on the rest of your teeth, bite and overall dental health." News Contact: Lucia Scott,

**6. HEALTH: WORKERS MUST HAVE a BALANCED 'DIET' OF SITTING, WALKING AND STANDING AT THE OFFICE FOR PHYSICAL WELL-BEING. Dave Trippany, senior researcher and corporate ergonomist at Steelcase, an office-furniture company: "Research shows that remaining in one posture throughout the day, such as sitting, can be harmful to the body because it can increase leg cramps and blood clots and decreases caloric expenditure, leading to weight gain. by creating an interconnected work environment, you provide workers with choice and control with a palette of place and posture. Having a variety of seating solutions and furniture solutions, such as height-adjustable tables, allows for increased movement during the day for maximum comfort and productivity." Trippany, located in Grand Rapids, Mich., is available to speak about ergonomics in the office; what to look for in seating; and the concept of sit, walk and stand. News Contact: Mari Abe, Phone: +1- 212-931-6137


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**1. TRANSITIONS IN MEDIA: CINDY RODRIGUEZ: ProfNet Editor Evelyn Tipacti interviews Cindy Rodriguez, who transitioned from a career as a newspaper columnist to becoming a journalist-in-residence at Emerson College in Boston:

**2. DEAR GRACIE: HOW TO AVOID LIBEL: ProfNet Editor Grace Lavigne interviews two experts to discuss how journalists can avoid libel:

**3. INTERESTING EXPERT OF THE WEEK: HEALTHY BRAIN EDITION: each week, we spotlight an expert from our ProfNet Connect network of experts. This week's featured expert was Dr. Cynthia R. Green, founder and president of Memory Arts, a company that provides memory fitness and brain health training to organizations, corporations and individuals:

**4. SXSW INTERACTIVE 2012: a PREVIEW OF THE PANELS: ProfNet Editor Jason Hahn offers a preview of 10 media- and PR-related SXSW Interactive panels up for voting at the SXSW PanelPicker 2012:

**5. a BRIEF BLOG PROFILE: NO MEAT ATHLETE: Thomas Hynes reviews No Meat Athlete, a blog extolling the meat-free diet as a way to physical endurance:

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