5Th pregnancy need an answer!?

by Symptom Advice on June 2, 2011

I have had almost every symptom imaginable in all of my pregnancies, except hemrrhoids (spelling), now I don't know whats going on but I feel like I have lockjaw! Is that common in pregnancy or is it totally unrelated?

lockjaw is tetnus. And that can harm or worse you and/or your unborn child

Tetanus is caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, the spores of which are widespread in the environment. The disease is caused by the action of a neurotoxin, produced by the bacteria when they grow in the absence of oxygen, e.g. in dirty wounds or in the umbilical cord if it is cut with a non-sterile instrument.

Tetanus is characterized by muscle spasms, initially in the jaw muscles. as the disease progresses, mild stimuli may trigger generalized tetanic seizure-like activity, which contributes to serious complications and eventually death unless supportive treatment is given.

Tetanus can be prevented by the administration of tetanus toxoid, which induces specific antitoxins. To prevent maternal and neonatal tetanus, tetanus toxoid needs to be given to the mother before or during pregnancy, and clean delivery and cord care needs to be ensured.

it is not related and you should see your dr. to make sure that is not what it is. have you had a tetanis shot in the past ten years? you can get it just from walking out side barefoot. any wound contaminated with soil, feces, dirt or manure can become contaminated with tetanus. Anyone who is inadequately vaccinated against tetanus is at risk. Tetanus occurs throughout the world. you don't have to step on somthing rusty like it is commonly said. here are some of the symptoms to look for.
– Headache
– Stiffness of the jaw (lockjaw)
– Severe muscle spasms
– Sweating
– Fever
– Stiffness of abdominal muscles
– Difficulty swallowing
• Lockjaw is one of the most dangerous symptoms because it can lead to death by suffocation1
• Symptoms usually begin about 8 days after infection, but may range in onset from 3 days to 3 weeks1
being pregnant doen't increase or decrease your chances of getting it.

With pregnacy you don't want to take the chance. The slightest change in your health will change the health in your baby as well. Finding out your answer is as simple as going in to see your doctor and getting some blood drawn. I don't think you should take the risk or not finding out for sure what is causing the problem.

I've never heard of symptoms like that in pregnacy. I have heard of Bell's Palsy..it kinda makes your face paralyzed…and happens a lot in pregnacy. Lock Jaw..? Tetanus shot? LOL. Wow. 5th pregnacy. I'm impressed! good luck!

I have been prengnant 6 times and never had that a symptom, so my guess is it is unrelated. But make sure you tell your doctor about it!

Never heard
read below site

wow…..you'd think after you have already been through 4 other pregnancies that you would realize that an unusual symptom should be reported to your doctor right away. Duh.

totally unrelated, i just don't know , i have 5 kids and i never had that

I've never heard of Lockjaw being a symptom of pregnancy…

No, that is not part of preg. Call your OB immediately.

There are these things now, there called condoms you might want to look into it!

You should check with your doctor.

never heard of that being a symptom.


I've never heard of hemorrhoids being a symptom of pregnancy; so it wouldn't hurt to ask a doctors opinion…good luck…

you had sex when you were 10??????????that is young

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