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by Symptom Advice on April 3, 2012

This week, at the American College of Cardiology annual conference, new research was presented that linked soy products with reductions in blood pressure. The study was presented by lead researcher Safiya Richardson, who analyzed the diets of over 5-thousand patients in a survey related to cardiovascular diseases.Richardson found that those who had a daily intake of isoflavones had the lowest blood pressure. Isoflavone compounds are commonly found in soy milk, tofu, green tea, and even peanuts. Experts agree that the unique study will be fruitful to those looking to avoid heart disease and hypertension, but recommend that a more active lifestyle along with a healthier diet will prove most effective. The Korean Financial Supervisory Service has released a preliminary report on delinquincy rates on domestic bank loans. they found that households last month had the highest rate of late payments and defaulting loans in over three years. The financial regulatory agency stated that delinquincy rates were at zero.eight-five percent compared to just under half a percent in 2009 The report also stated that corporate delinquicy rates have been steady at 1.three-eight percent.The rising household loan delinquincy rates were attributed to the higher cost of goods and a larger number of families taking out loans and mortgages… According to recent statistics released by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of patients with hepatitis rose to over 4,300 last year.Hepatitis C is spread through blood and bodily fluids. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and muscle ache. unlike hepatitis B, hep-C cannot be prevented through vaccinations, but symptoms can be treated with various drug therapies. The CDC recommends paying attention to personal hygiene especially when it comes to piercings and tattoos. Paul Yi, Arirang NewsMAR 31, 2012   Reporter :  

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