Could i have prostatitis at my age?

by Symptom Advice on June 12, 2011

So I'm about to turn 16 i have been tested for everything and someone just told me it could have prostatitis? I have been tested for a uti and what not but i think i might have i because i have a lot of the common symptoms. so my question is could i have prostatitis at 16?

At 16 in the UK and Germany it is legal for u to have Sex.
Therefore i assume u know about masturbation, and how to ****/jo.
When you **** do u have an orgasm ?? Do u have pre-*** ?
do u then have an ejaculaton ? If so how much spunk cums out and what colour is it ??? Prostatitis usually affects older men who've stopped having Sex. We really need more info to answer question.
Can u *** ?????

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