Does anyone have allergies where the symptoms are worst in the morning, and how do you handle them?

by Symptom Advice on June 12, 2011

I have spring and summer allergies and they are in full force. I wake up and my nose is stuffed, my ears are plugged, my eyes are puffy and my mouth is dry from snoring all night. it takes a few hours for my head to drain and with an allergy pill I'm usually o.k. for the day but it just seems to build back up during the night. what are some pill usages or types of allergy meds or other remedies that can make my mornings not suck?

Try Zyrtec.. it helps. and doing a nose-spray treatment, you could try gargling before you go to bed and after you wake up, using breath-right strips at night, and propping your head up more. also you might what to dust and vacuum every day..if it gets worse, your doctor can hook you up with good allergy inhibitors. :) good luck.

most allergies symptoms are caused by bacteria and pollen that build up in your sinus creating mucus and pressure in your head. the best way is to rinse out your nose with a betti neti pot. its a very simple process with NO side effects besides breathing clearly haha.
dont use plastic ones though because the chemicals in the plastic eventually break down and cause more problems. go with ceramic made netis. i have a betti pot and it works wonders. feel better!

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