How early did you start getting pregnant symptoms?10 points?

by Symptom Advice on September 12, 2011

What were your symptoms?

i was trying to become pregnant so i was tracking my ovulation and knew when to look for signs. my last period was april 27. may 15 and 16 i ovulated and found out i was pregnant about may 28th. before i found out i ate 5 chicken breasts for dinner and my husband at 1… first sign! eating a ton.. a couple days before i found out i started cramping, was sure i was going to start a period.. after i found out within week 5 i was bloated every time i ate. week 6 i had horrible lower back aches and very sore breasts for a couple weeks. week 8 i started getting migraines (which are hereditary and come on during my pregnancies) and was dizzy when i would stand to fast… and of course throught all these weeks i was getting up in the middle of the night 2 to 3 times to use the bathroom and always craving ice water. i never experienced morning sickness with either of my pregnancies so not sure when that should start. i think anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks and can happen day or night through the whole pregancy for some people.

oh ya and i kept yelling at my husband over everything lol

I 1st started getting sore breasts but that had been an af symptom for the past 3 months so i wasn't convinced. I then started getting much more acne than usual. Then missed period but i was irregular on that. A few days later i just had this sudden feeling to take a test then it came out pregnant. was very surprised and i am very happy

Good luck

i knew i was pregnant before i even took the test because i threw up then realized i was late for my period. yup turns out i was 6 weeks pregnant..haha. with my daughter i didn't have any symptoms until 16 weeks when she started to move and my boobs started leaking.

I started getting symptoms before my missed period that were equivalent to PMS symptoms…but what made me realize I was pregnant was experiencing nausea. I was 5 days late and when I took a HPT, it was positive.

Obviously a missed period, but apart from that i started getting morning sickness around 6 weeks.

I knew something was wrong at 2 weeks but I'm 3 weeks nd my breast r super soar now I took a hpt nd its positive

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