In your opinion, what are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

by Symptom Advice on March 19, 2011

Please help me with my psychology homework. I need the opinions of at least 6 people, on their non professional opinion of what they think symptoms of schizophrenia include. Please try to list ten or more items of what you think symptoms of schizophrenia are. Please don't be a professional psychologist….or act like you're not. for an example: A list of symptoms for a snake phobia might include: 1. fear of snakes, 2. trying to avoid snakes, 3. a belief that all snakes are dangerous, 4. nervousness around worms and garden hoes, etc.

Thank you all for your participation

pah, schizophrenia is a serious form of schizotypal personality disorder, it can develope from schizotypal personality disorder. the patient sees and hears people, that arent really there, they have voices in their heads telling them who to talk to, who to hate, who to kill, ect. and the patient listens, the voice sounds oh so wise… these people could hide themselves, they can go around and you wouldnt notice the patient if you just glance, but if you look deeper you will see. they have a fear of people. they always tend to keep to themselves. have few to no friends. speak in a disordered sort of way. Hope this helped, try looking at mayoclinic on scizotypal for more information about how it can develope into schizophrenia.

Hearing voices in your head
Seeing things that aren't there
Disorganized thinking
Very strange or paranoid thinking (eg. our government hires someone to kill someone if he wants that person dead and they leave it a secret)

seeing and believing that you see things.

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