My Confession; My Conclusion – Can Anybody Relate?

by Symptom Advice on April 17, 2011

My name is Jean, I have been diagnosed and living with ulcerative colitis now for 6 years. It has become unbearable. I work 40 hours a week as an administrator. these years have been mostly unbearable. I have tried most of the medications without much success and my symptoms are getting worse.I am due another colonoscopy in a couple of months and fear every time of getting colon cancer. I am 57 years old and my life has been literally controlled by this awful disease. I use mind control most of the time to deal with it. It’s getting very scary to me to see what comes out of my body, I want to screammmmm. I wrote a little poem to express my conclusion:

Colon Removal, here I come. no more fear, nowhere to run.I can’t keep on living this way, so much pain and misery dates, not even a love tap, someone help me to get my life back.

I feel like a victim of a demon who came in the night,and hexed me with something he knew I’d have to fight.So, fight, fight, I have and never will surrender,But one thing I will always remember:the others who struggle with this disease,who have hidden in the shadows like me, afraid, humiliated and appalled,don’t give up, there is hope for us all!Medications: any medication details you want people to know about you with regards to colitis…I am taking the medication “Lialda” at present and it helps only a little. not enough!

Medications: I am taking the medication “Lialda” at present and it helps only a little. not enough!

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