Stomach Cancer Symptoms and Signs

by Symptom Advice on April 20, 2011

Cancer is known to be a silent killer. But it isn’t always as silent as we think it is. most cancers do have warning signs and symptoms that you might be ignoring. this is why it is important to be careful and cautious that what you are going through might be serious. Knowing stomach cancer symptoms and signs can always be helpful – you should get yourself checked out soon enough. And the earlier the cancer is detected the more chances there are of a life being saved. the right treatment for stomach cancer can increase stomach cancer survival rate.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

If you have any of these stomach cancer symptoms and signs you should consult your physician:

Abdominal Pain

This is a symptom for people with stomach cancer. But it doesn’t have to be a higher amount of pain and discomfort that should get you to the doctor’s office – some people only suffer a mild abdominal pain which might be persistent. usually the pain occurs in the upper side of the abdomen but it can happen in any other areas as well.

Presence of Blood in Stool

Blood in the stool doesn’t always mean its symptoms of stomach cancer. Many diseases like anal fissures and other severe health issues can bring about blood in the stool. But it can also be one of the stomach cancer symptoms and signs. Sometimes you won’t even be able to notice the blood and only an FOBT can detect the amount of blood in stool.

Vomiting or Nausea

Persistent nausea might be a little non specific as a symptom but it does happen in patients with colon cancer. if you have a constant urge to vomit and constant nausea it might be time to get tested. if you ever see blood in your vomit you should head to the doctor right away too. Esophagus lining damage usually causes this symptom.

Losing Weight for No Reason

If you are not on a diet plan and you are not trying to lose weight but still see weight loss happening quite rapidly, it can be one of the stomach cancer symptoms and signs. the problem is that most people actually like when they lose weight and ignore the possibility that there might be something wrong.

Loss of Appetite

While it is a vague symptom, a lot of patients find they are unable to eat and don’t have any appetite even for their favorite food items.

Other Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Other stomach cancer symptoms and signs that you might experience, include difficulty in swallowing, bloating of the abdominal area, even after a small meal you feel bloated, excessively tired feeling, changes in bowel habits, anemia, constant fatigue and tiredness. if any such symptoms trouble you, it is good to get yourself checked out as soon as possible. Cancer is a disease that usually stems from one organ and spreads to another. this is why a lot of people experience some vague symptoms that might not be in the area where the cancer originated in the first place. the problem with malignant cancer cells is that they can travel in the blood stream and can land somewhere else and begin to grow and ruin the system in other parts of the body as well. they do not remain confined to one area. this is why even a sign like fatigue and shortness of breath should be taken seriously.

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